Kanoya Athlete Rstaurant

We offer balanced meals of "one soup, one bowl of rice and three side dishes," which is based on nutritional science and comprises three side dishes from a selection of 15 different types, as well as soup and rice. You are free to customize your set meal, which uses colorful, seasonal ingredients, so as to suit your own health aims and targets. Health control is also made easy as the nutritional values of your order are shown on your receipt! At night you can enjoy alcoholic drinks with meals that contain lots of vegetables, and on weekend evenings, you can enjoy Showa period songs at the bar until the morning!

Hours LUNCH:11:00~15:00(14:30 L.O.)
DINNER:17:30~23:00(22:30 L.O.)
※Closed on Weekends and national holidays
Seats 20
Avg Price Lunch:970 yen / Dinner:1,800 yen
Telephone 03-5715-4505
Web Site asushoku.com