Soba noodles cut using a knife. Mitou-an is a soba noodle restaurant established more than 60 years ago. Mitou-an is a specialist knife-cut soba noodle restaurant, and we have been cutting soba noodles at our store for customers to enjoy since the Edo period. We are maintaining that Edo-period food culture even today. Please come and enjoy our additive-free healthy soba noodles and tsuyu, which are so delicious you can eat them every day without letup.

Hours Weekdays : 11:00-21:00
Saturday : 11:00-15:00
∗Closed on public holiday
Seats 176 (General food court)
Avg Price Lunch : 700 yen
Dinner : 2,000 yen
Telephone 03-6451-4301
Web Site
  ∗No smoking during business hours