Ibukiya Seimen

Sanuki-udon noodles made in-store are boiled in a pot in the restaurant. We use carefully-selected "shinmenkyokaiden" flour for the noodles. For the dashi, we use small sardines found in the waters around Ibuki island, which flows to Setouchi, and the rich aromatic kombu from Mitsuishi in Hokkaido for a gentle dashi full of umami that is made without chemical seasoning. We also recommend our range of fried, crispy tempura. At night, we offer drinks and skewer food.

Hours Weekdays : 11:00-22:00
Saturday and national holidays 11:00~16:00
Closed on Sunday
Seats 176 (General food court)
Avg Price Lunch : 700 yen
Dinner : 2,500 yen
Telephone 03-6451-4675
Web Site cyp-jp.com
  ∗No smoking during business hours